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  • Dec 29, 2014 02:09 am

    Oli said: F

    blood fest, homoeroticism war fest. No signs of the redemption, finding God or anything else worthy. Worse movie I've seen in years!

  • Jan 05, 2015 07:06 pm

    mary said: A

    Well done effort for a difficult story. Good message, diluted violence from real life while still portraying essence. His faith was proofed by his experiences - but never gets preachy. I met Mr.Z and was very pleased with film.

  • Feb 24, 2015 01:07 am

    Howard said: C

    Worth seeing in the theatre for the fantastic opening dogfight scene, but otherwise wait for home video. The violence is toned down enough for you to know how terrible the experience is without being excruciating to the viewer.

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