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  • Apr 12, 2013 09:24 pm

    Anemi said: D

    This is my fave book of all time, but the movie sucked. It was like a fast forward of the book and it left all the good parts and important details out. A terrible let down, I'm so disappointed. Please do a remake!!!!!

  • Apr 17, 2013 05:05 am

    Cole said: A

    I think the host was awesome. It deserves an a.and comparing it to twilight is just demented

  • Oct 04, 2013 12:27 pm

    Dimitris said: D

    It has a suspenseful first half hour and Saoirse Ronan is great.However the story becomes meaningless after souls, bodies, aliens, humans, personalities and memories are all mixed together.It's also slow and has no climax.

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