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  • Nov 26, 2012 06:16 pm

    Patrick said: F

    This is the sort of sentimental garbage that continues to lead our country down the path of racial hatred. Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, et al. are hate mongering racists, and yet, when will we see a movie or documentary detailing their sins? Louis Farrakhan went on the same rampage to get whites convicted of rape with no apologies when they turned out to be innocent in the same city of New York. The incident with the Duke students, especially after they were exonerated, shows America is more than ready to eviscerate any whites of any wrong doing regardless of the evidence or lack thereof. We need to make films that call out racism as a universal evil. White people do not own a monopoly. Evil is evil. As a country, we need to start calling out all forms of racism, not just the politically correct version which is white on black. Can you imagine if someone in John McCain's or Mitt Romney's constituency had made vehement statements like those of Jeremiah Wright? Their political careers would have immediately come to an end, but Barack Obama gets a pass. The pendulum has swung so far it has come off the clock. It is long past time to start holding everyone to the same standards. It is obvious who continues to espouse hatred in America, and it isn't the whites.

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