Jersey Boys (2014)

Jersey Boys (2014) Movie Reviews

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Jersey Boys has its "ups and downs". It is a "strange movie" that is "hard to come by" but you will definitely "want to see it again!" Although the "style is too laid back," it will still leave you "reverberating through your seat!"

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  • Jun 22, 2014 07:59 pm

    diego said: A


  • Jun 26, 2014 02:29 pm

    Steve said: A

    Lot of fun. Lot of energy. Slows down a bit at the end. Christopher Walken - great. Highlight - when the group sings "Sherry" and you hear that unique 4 Seasons sound.

  • Jul 01, 2014 07:25 pm

    howard said: A

    what's more to say: this is a great movie. fantastic singing and story. stay for the credits for a final song & dance. and don't forget to look for the cameos

  • Sep 09, 2014 04:53 am

    Andy said: B


  • Oct 30, 2015 07:17 pm

    Betty said: B

    Solid B: The music was great and the story was informative enough to keep your interest. I enjoyed this film and will probably watch it again...& again.

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