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  • Mar 25, 2015 08:27 pm

    Sarah said: A

    Still in CAM, watch trailer @ newvideoz_com

  • May 24, 2015 10:42 pm

    Matthew said: C

    If you seen the original Disney Cinderella or you already know the story pretty much you already seen the 2015 version because this one doesn't do anything different.

  • Jun 06, 2015 07:18 am

    Alireza said: B

    Cinderella might not be as magical as its animated feature but still is a fun to see especially when you know what will happen at the end but you still want to watch it with excellent costume design and production design plus a dazzling per

  • Sep 27, 2015 12:33 am

    howard said: A

    Its Cinderella, what more can you say. For a live action retelling of this classic, they did one heck of a job. See it, and see if you don't leave smiling. You can't ask for more

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