Titles matching "in the mood for love"

  • Fa yeung nin wa (2000)

    [130 articles]

    aka Dut yeung nin wa (2000)

    aka Fa yeung nin wa (2000)

    aka In the Mood for Love - Der Klang der Liebe (2000)

    aka In the mood for love (2000)

    aka Hua yang nian hua (2000)

Titles related to "in the mood for love"

  • Body of the Prey (1970)

    [2 articles]

    aka Body of the Prey (1970)

    aka Double Garden, The (1970)

    aka Double Garden, The (1975)

    aka Revenge of Doctor X, The (1980)

    aka Venus Flytrap (1970)

    aka Revenge of Dr. X, The (1985)

  • Pollyanna (1920)

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