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  • The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)

    [183 articles]

    aka D.T.E.S.S. (2008)

    aka Day the Earth Stood Still: The IMAX Experience, The (2008)

    aka Der Tag, an dem die Erde stillstand (2008)

    aka Ultimatum alla terra (2008)

    aka Day the Earth Stood Still, The (2008)

  • Sinister (2012)

    [137 articles]

  • Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes (2011) (V)

    [2 articles]

    aka Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes (2011) (V)

    aka Paranormal Entity 3: The Exorcist Tapes (2011) (V)

    aka Der Exorzismus der Anneliese M. (2011) (V)

  • The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

    [161 articles]

    aka Der Exorzismus von Emily Rose (2005)

    aka Exorcism of Emily Rose, The (2005)